Nagano is composed of a group of artists providing their customers with new ideas and points of view.
Galleri Alstrup
A contemporary art gallery run by Hanny Abel and January Anker Petersen in Farsø, Denmark.
Motala Konsthall
An art gallery in Motala, Sweden.

Galleri Ranrike
Art gallery in Tanumshede, Sweden.
Ulf Samuelsson
An innovative ceramics and glass artist.
Johannes Nyholm
Artist and film director, world-known for his short films of different genres.

Kumiko Watari
Fashion designer.
Kobe Proesmans
Kobe 'el Feo' is an energetic and multi-sided live percussionist and composer.
Jan Scharlau
A very prommising upcoming illustrator.

Elisabet Wahlström
Textile artist.
Konstrakan exhibition in Tranås is open for professional artists, craftsmen and designers.
Göteborgs konstmuseum
Gothenburg Museum of Art

Strand's Bar
Strand's in Norra Mellbystrand will serve you grilled dishes á la carte, Italian pizzas, fresh summer salads and more.
After years of experimenting with different types of metal, pop, rock and classical music, Dismullet is now a Grindcore / Hardcore band.
Even the Kataokas
Acoustic / Blues / Alternative music band

Nina Wallen
Patent development, woodpile business and even more!
José González
His low-voiced, serious and introverted music has almost been hugged to death by everything from the indie crowd to your grandmother.

私たちのショップには、スウェーデンの 1950年代前後にデザインされ使われ てきた一昔前の生活雑貨と、現在の若いデザイナーたちの作品が並んでいます。
Cecilia Hjelm
Textile artist with passion for colour and colour combination. Dyeing, embroidery, appliqué, crochet and more.
Yusuke Nagano
A collection of pictures with illustrator Yusuke Nagano. Looking back on his own childhood...

Laundry Service
Here you can find an exciting assortment for both girls and guys, consisting of tops with the right details.
Hird -Club, Jazz, Electro-
Please do also check my blog about my clubnight in Gothenburg:
Kerstin Nilsson
Textile artist who works with textile printing in various expressions.
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Gothenburg now boasts the dynamic, organically soulful pop sounds of Little Dragon - Yukimi, Håkan, Fredrik and Erik.
Elias Araya
Torbjörn Karlsson
[kree-ey-tiv mahynd]

Sandra Sumie Nagano is a singer/songwriter based in Gothenburg. Acustic folk music in melancholy.
Visit her for a listen.
By re-inventing skate punk and mixing it with modern indie pop, Monkeysavior of Gothenburg creates art.
Kayo Aoyama
Graphic artist and illustrator who loves all animals.

Ragtime - Herr Secondhand
Herrkläder, både säsongsfärska begagnade plagg och vintage. Magasinsg. 15, GÖTEBORG
Boustedt Photography
En hemsida av Viktoria Boustedt med hennes fotografier.
Hector Projector
Here’s a voice that will catch your attention.

Hade musiken inte varit så punkig och så obekymrat poppig så kanske man hade kunnat kalla den för soul, men nu känns det inte helt motiverat.
Western - Folkrock, indie
With their new self-titled EP, Gothenburg band, Western, broaden the definition of Americana and irreverently combine pop sensibility with a cinematic narrative.
Maja Nilsfelt
A graphic designer and illustrator and design student at HDK (School of design and crafts) in Gothenburg.

Ett helt eget sound med dragspel, fiol, mandolin, flöjt, klarinett, saxofon, darbouka, djembe, akustisk/elektrisk gitarr, bas, keyboard, trummor och mycket sång.
Johan Karlsson
Photographer that keeps film alive by using some ancient cameras.
Pictures with elements of madness n' calm at the same time.
Mauritz Kaffe
A coffee house and café in central Gothenburg established in 1888.
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